Bespoke Cabins

Custom built small buildings. For garden offices, art studios, makers sheds, he sheds, she sheds… Whatever you want, we can build it.

Your space is a reflection of you

You’ve looked around and decided you don’t want something ordinary. Something like everyone else. A mass-produced shed with no character.

You want something unique. Something beautiful. You want an outdoor space that inspires.

A space for...creativity

A space for...focus

A space for...inspiration

A space for...learning

A space for...reflection

A space

A space for...thinking

A space for...time out

A space for...planning

A space

A space for...meditation

A space

A space for you

Your home is for everybody, a place to live.

This is a space just for you.

Create your own space

We specialise in buildings up to 30m2 that generally don’t require consent. Talk to us about what you want, or bring us your architectural plans.


Because the only limit on the building is your imagination, prices can vary. As a rough price indication (incl. GST):

0 – 15m2 can be $3000 – $4000 per m2
15 – 30m2 can be $2500 – $3500 per m2


Built with love

Built to last. Built to inspire. Built with care, presicion, yes…built with love.

Made by a team of Certified Builders

We are not your average shed builders. Our head builder, Kris, is a crafstman first. Passionate about working with timber, he’s built everything from beautiful rowboats to luxury houses. From hand crafted longbow staves to heirloom furniture. He brings his varied experience and inspiration to every project. He builds because he loves it.

Need Inspiration?

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